We’re holding no-show politicians accountable.


When politicians are elected, they take an oath of office to do their job and serve Oregonians. But for the past several years, certain politicians in Salem have repeatedly walked off the job. By refusing to show up to work and shutting down the legislature, these politicians stopped laws to fund our schools, provide wildfire relief, address climate change, prevent gun violence, and more. 

Oregonians have had enough! It’s time to hold no-show politicians accountable to the same rules as the rest of us. The Hold Politicians Accountable campaign will ensure that any politician who has ten unexcused absences from the job they were elected to do won’t be able to run for re-election. Ten strikes, and you’re out!  

Your signature will bring us one step closer to creating real consequences for no-show politicians. Download and return your petitions today!

In four simple steps, add your name to the list of Oregonians calling for accountability:

1. Download the initiative petition signature sheet by clicking on the following link: Initiative Petition 14.

2. Print the petition on at least 20 pound, uncoated, 8 1/2 x 11 paper. That is likely the white printer paper you already have at home.

3. Sign and date the petition in BOTH signature lines on the page. Include your printed name and address where you are registered to vote.

4. As soon as possible, mail your signed petition to: 

Hold Politicians Accountable
P.O. Box 8338
Portland, OR 97207

You can read the full text of the petitions by clicking the button below. If you have any questions or do not have a printer and would like us to mail you a petition to sign, please email us at info@holdpoliticiansaccountableor.org

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